Holvi hat mich auf der FinovateEurope 2013 in London wirklich positiv überrascht. Zur Zeit wird man ja regelrecht erschlagen von unterschiedlichen Personal Finance Management Plattformen, diversen Mobile Banking Apps oder Mobile Banking Ansätzen. Umso interessanter und frischer fand ich den Ansatz von Holvi einfach mal das Girokonto neu zu erfinden. Herausgekommen sind sogenannte „Templates“ für Konten. Was sich dahinter verbirgt, erfahren Sie in den nächsten Zeilen von Kristoffer Lawson – Co-Founder von Holvi.

Kristoffer Lawson is co-founder of Holvi — a replacement for banks that fundamentally rethinks the concept of a bank account and theservices built around it. He has been an entrepreneur since the late 90s and is also founder of the largest digital artfestival in the Nordics, The Alternative Party. He is also the founder of the Travelling Salesman blog. He has been coding since he was 7 and has long been active in the demoscene hacker community. Kristoffer enjoys Doctor Who, listens to a lot of electronic music, and drives a Caterham 7.

1. First of all, thank you very much for this interview Kristoffer. Can you explain the concept of holvi to our readers? What´s it all about and what`s your vision?

Hi Franz, Holvi quite simply is rethinking, from the ground up, what a bank account is and how it plays into our lives. It is kind of crazy that while money is at the center of everything we do, we only use our bank accounts perhaps once a month. However we are not merely putting a nice user interface on a traditional bank, but offering a very different kind of service where each organisation or each individual or each project gets a service that is actually the financial hub of their activities. One that can be shared by a team, where they can have discussions, and one that combines things like bookkeeping, merchant functionality and third party services to have a perfect account for what they are doing.

2. You presented the new feature „templates“ at FinovateEurope 2013 in London. Can you explain these „templates“? And from a customer view: what are the benefits?

Say you are planning a wedding — what should the budget look like? What vendors are available? How can I collect money from those wanting to support it? How can I see how it is going? With Holvi you can go to our template store and find an account template that has been created to help you with exactly that — and you can open an account based on it with one click. It has never been easier to open an account, and one with much more than a traditional bank accounts. The templates are not just created by us, but by people and companies from many backgrounds. So a startup event like Slush, for instance, can create a template for others wanting to run a tech conference.

3. What are the next steps of holvi?

We are currently only open in Finland, so everything we are currently doing is aiming for our international launch. We hope we can get there sooner rather than later!

4. Finally, a future prediction: What will the leading online bank in 2020 do better than its competitors?

It’s all about unbundling the banking experience. Whereas now banks offer their own services for investments, foreign payments, savings, transfers and so on, and thus completely killing any kind of competition for those features, the bank of the future, and the one we are building, is a hub that pulls all of those in and allows the user to pick and choose what they want from many other companies.

Thank you very much, Kristoffer.

Wenn Sie nun Interesse an Holvi bekommen haben, dann möchte ich Ihnen unbedingt das Video der Finovate-Präsentation ans Herz legen. In dieser Präsentation werden die Templates vorgestellt. Mich überzeugen die Templates. Und Sie?